35 years, 258 esteemed members, The best performing CREDAI city.


Established in 1999, CREDAI Bengaluru are the organisers of the Real Estate world for the Bengaluru Chapter. With 258 dedicated, reputed members, it has been key in making Real Estate more authentic and simple.

Real Estate can be tricky. There are plenty of protocols to be followed. Which is where we come into the picture. We work towards creating a more transparent, corruption free market for both builders and consumers.

Networking comes to us naturally. Today, we closely work with government representatives, policy makers, investors, finance companies, consumers and Real Estate professionals. All members of CREDAI Bengaluru are carefully handpicked. To make sure we’re an exclusive team, we send out invites to reputed developers asking them to be part of our fraternity.

CREDAI Bengaluru is part of State Level Federation and National Confederation. Which means it will soon grow to become a center point for the whole builder fraternity.

The Real Estate industry is at the cusp of exponential growth with a plethora of opportunities available today! Besides the structural reforms, the most significant development is that the industry has grown stronger with greater unity than ever before.

Mr. Kishore Jain, President CREDAI Bengaluru
Managing Director, Jain Heights & Structures Pvt. Ltd.


Code of Conduct is a document of principles that binds all CREDAI Bengaluru members. It is the most important founding stone of the association and has been included in the proposed Real Estate Regulatory Act. This document lists the guidelines and a mandatory set of laws that all members have to implement and abide by. The aim of this Code of Conduct for Developers, Promoters and Builders is to maintain the honour and dignity of Developers, Promoters and Builders in general, to secure the spirit of friendly co-operation between the

Developers, Promoters and Builders and their customers in the promotion of highest standard of promotion, development and building activities and to establish transparency, and fair dealing between the developers, promoters and builders with their customers; and to establish a spirit of brotherhood within the Associations of Developers, Promoters and Builders to try and ensure that Developers, Promoters and Builders discharge their responsibilities to the community in general.


Confederation of the Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) was established in 1999 with a mandate to pursue the cause of housing and habit providers. It has grown its membership base since then and has more than 11,940 members totally spread across 23 state and 177 city chapters.

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