Where there is unity, there is always victory

29 Jan, 2018, 09:17 PM

The Real Estate industry is at the cusp of exponential growth with a plethora of opportunities available today! The Indian Real Estate market is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020, with the housing sector alone contributing to 6% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). At this crucial crossroad, all the policy reforms have directly impacted our line of business. Over the years our industry has faced several challenges, we have not only survived but thrived and emerged victorious. Besides the structural reforms, the most significant development is that the industry has grown stronger with greater unity than ever before. Though the initial period of RERA and GST created a disruption in the Real Estate market, both these initiatives have done wonders to the overall image of our industry. As RERA promises greater accountability, transparency and efficiency in the sector, it also clearly lays down guidelines for both buyers and developers about their rights and obligations. This, I firmly believe will revive the confidence of end users and provide better clarity to our clients to make informed decisions. It has essentially put them in the driver’s seat where they are able to make home purchases, based on data available at a click of a button. As we are all aware that “Our customer’s perception is our reality”, hence the onus is on us to ensure that we are providing the best customer experience at all touch points – leading to a long and sustainable relationship.

In this rapidly changing regulated working environment, as an association we hold a central figure in deciding the future course of action for the entire industry. So how should we as captains of this industry lead from the front? We must focus our wisdom and energies on what we do best as developers, execute – with high quality and within the stipulated time. Thus, it becomes paramount that bodies like CREDAI play a bigger role by becoming the voice of the industry to address its concerns with relevant policy enablers. In the past year or so in my capacity as President along with the committee, we have worked cohesively with our members and all relevant stakeholders both state and central. From workshops from experts, to training programs and town halls to address every issue, CREDAI is committed to uphold its commitment of a stronger, united Real Estate sector for the future. Be it the Karnataka RERA notification or other state policy reforms, CREDAI has always been at the forefront and expressed views to clear any existing ambiguity. In the days ahead, the tasks we have to undertake will grow by leaps & bounds, so we have to brace ourselves to take CREDAI to newer heights of achievements and accolades – and achieve our motto of “inclusive growth”.

The current environment seeks a platform where we must work hand in hand to achieve our common goals. The challenges the industry faces today can only be solved by integrated thinking and collective effort. This is where an industry body like ours plays a pivotal role of an incubator –converting ideas into reality. We are capable of disruptive innovation that will change the way the Real Estate business functions and we must achieve it! Thus, the success lies in working as a close-knit unit and collaborating with various government organisation for the overall benefit of the industry and me as President along with all the office bearers will continue to work tirelessly towards the same!

We must remember that change is a continuous process and we must work together in order to assimilate the same. At this juncture, our paramount objective should be collaborating our thoughts and deeds to improve overall image of the industry. Yes! It’s a mammoth task in front of us but our unison approach will help us to achieve the ultimate goal. As said by a great Latin writer Publilius Syrus, “Where there is unity, there is always victory”.