7th July 2017

Venue :

HOLIDAY Inn Hotel, Bengaluru

Convocation - Water Proofing and Finishing works Batch

Convocation Ceremony at Rustomjee Prestige Vocational Education & Training Centre LLP

  • On Waterproofing Works – One of Important activities, which customers don’t see, but experiences over a span of time with changing weather. As an Engineers one has to make sure he is completely devoted to activities which not only satisfies customer but also protects his and entire family from mis happenings.
  • On Finishing Works – Important activities, maybe not from safety point of view, but perception. When customers sees finishing activities in his flat (Corner lines, surface, tiling work) it gives ultimate perception of quality and brand awareness.
  • On Time Management – According to an Engineer, there are two responsibilities one is Cost analysis, and quality deliverance, But major challenge is always time management. When customer invests 20-30 Years of hard earned money, Its our responsibility to make sure of timely hand over of their dream homes. For any delay either by 2 or 3 months, again he has to invest in EMI as well as his current home he stays. Also it effects the company as Indirect cost is way more expensive then Direct Cost.

As an Engineer everyone has to make sure about challenges which hinders company and also customer, and work hard to overcome contributing to better nation

We look forward to many more events and please keep an eye on our training programs in future!